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Ethnographic research area

What is the Ethno-tour qualitive insights? 

A research tool that BGS has developed for the knowledge of your "current and potential" consumer.

It allows to obtain a vision of the consumer's ecosystem, in a natural and direct way; how it interacts with your product or service, with sales channels, with other consumers ... 

This tool is adapted to the specific needs and objectives of each project. 

Techniques used in the methodology

  • Deep exploration in the places of interest (consumer's home, points of sale). Participatory observation
  • Documentation in photography / video
  • Online activities: newspapers, blogs, collages

Scope of the methodology

  • In-depth knowledge of specific targets, behavior, values, influencers, points of view, brakes and motivations. 
  • Validate and deepen understanding of segmentations 
  • Obtain insights for the development of new products or line extensions. 
  • Experiential, comprehensive training for new members of the work teams <product development, sales, marketing, brand management> 
  • Dynamics and exercises to sensitize the teams that develop products, marketing ideas and communication. 
  • Mapping of behavior of the points of sale: of products, brands and prices. 
  • Experiential knowledge of the consumption habits of the target at a given time and places of specific consumption. 
  • Experiential knowledge of the behavior and dynamics of the different channels - points of sale. 

Commitments ... 

  • Executive advice throughout the project.
  • Design of topics and dynamics. Coordination of logistics for different dynamics. Recruitment of interviewees. (If that's the case) 
  • Scouting and route design - visits according to the needs of the project. 
  • Supervision of tasks related to the subject-objective. 
  • Descriptive summary of the experience. 
  • Review and second level analysis of the information obtained from the exercises. 
  • Taking of photographic memory and / or video of the activities. Editing and post production of videographic materials <According to the approved work proposal>. 
  • Realization and production of short audiovisuals to exemplify the results <According to the approved work proposal> 

Our products: 

  • Ethno-culinary tour 
  • Etno-tour shop along 
  • Ethno-tour mapping of brands and prices 
  • Ethno-tour immersion in depth

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