Etno - Tours

Qualitative insights

Etno Tours

What is the Ethno-tour qualitive insights? 

It is a research tool that BGS has developed for the knowledge of your "current and potential" consumer.

It allows to obtain a vision of the consumer's ecosystem, in a natural and direct way; how it interacts with your product or service, with sales channels, with other consumers ... 

  • Ethno-culinary tour 
  • Etno-tour shop along 
  • Ethno-tour mapping of brands and prices 
  • Ethno-tour immersion in depth

Methodologies ad hoc 

Techniques used to design the studies according to their strategic objectives, information needs and the most appropriate way to approach their consumer

Group dynamics 

We use sessions of market research techniques that require spaces and controlled dynamics 

In Gesell cameras: 

Group sessions - intensive (4 participants) 

Group sessions - Full (6 to 8 participants) 

Diadas / Triads 

In spaces adapted to mount scenarios with product exhibition -and / or replicate the use of .

Culinary products Immersion workshops 

(Product exhibitions, simulation of shelves and exhibitions) 

Culinary workshops 

(Preparation of food in group workshops to know culinary processes, testing of new products in a controlled manner)

Dynamics 1 to 1 

Methodology that allows deepening the consumer phenomenon and the consumer's most intimate motivations. 


The best way to understand 360 ° phenomena firsthand by immersing the consumer 

Interviews 1 to 1 

In-depth discussions in workplaces and / or consumption Ideal to reach professionals and profiles difficult to contact for sessions Interview .

Shop along 

(Purchase accompanied or simulated) 

In addition to the interview there is a visit accompanied to points of sale and / or consumption to contrast and complement the contributions of their consumption experiences

On - Line 

We use technology to get closer to consumers in their daily life but at a distance 

We know the motivations and the current forms of expression It allows us to reinforce hypotheses that arise in previous stages of research 

OBB Bulletin Board 

Discussion of hypotheses, concepts, products 

Online Journals 

Development of methodologies using as a daily complement of purchases, consumption, culinary, according to the needs of the project 

On Line Interviews 

Efficient research resources and to complement the use of other techniques such as OBB and Online Journals