About us

BGS initiates activities as a qualitative research company with Spanish and Mexican partners with the intention of covering both the market in Spain and in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Within our collaborators we have native experts from the Mexican and Spanish market with a 20-year experience conducting studies for international clients. 

In the design of our studies We use psycho social, anthropological techniques and we have integrated online platforms and social networks.

What do we believe? 

At BGS we offer more than information, we offer Market Intelligence, we are convinced of the importance ... 

  • From the DESIGN of the methodology making use of the classic social techniques and the new technological tools (on-line - social networks)
  • TO UNDERSTAND the consumption phenomena from the motivations, emotions and symbolic that determines the consumer's behavior. 
  • And get to build a second level ANALYSIS that allows the decision making to help our clients to better decision making. 


We have the capacity to conduct studies in Barcelona, ​​throughout the Mexican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Ecuador, with local operators 

Types of studies

In-depth exploration of consumer phenomena

Evaluation of services and consumer products in different stages of their life, from the planning of a new product - service, creation of brand extensions, re-launchings.

Communication evaluation: concepts, campaigns and communication / advertising materials, promotions.

Evaluation and image construction.

Product testing.

Evaluation of labels, packaging, logos, catalogs.

Studies on sales forces.

Evaluation of Websites and App's.

Evaluation of promotions. Public opinion studies (PRE - candidates / candidates).

Categories and companies with which we have collaborated 

Food and drinks 

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